“mImOsa” is part of the WorkingGroup artTheory&theoryArt but is an independent ‘arrangement’.
It is a WORKSHOP of thought and ‘writing’ with a special focus on queer and feminist knowledges and particular attention to literature and lyrics in its widest sense(s) along different languages and/in translations.
mImOsA is organized in units around a specific term/metaphor/metonym/concept/image.

Each of its units consists of 5 ½ sessions: a first, short welcome & introductory ½ – evening hour, followed by five 1 h-soirees once a month. Each of its units deals with a ‘specific’ term that will be announced beforehand.

In its 5 ½ sessions the invited five academics/artists will discuss this term by pondering upon and disclosing it along a lyrical text, a poem, a vignette, a novel, a drama, a photography, a piece of music, a film, a memento, a memory, an impression etc. that they will briefly introduce in the first evening hour and present in more depth at one of the following 5 sessions.
Until the end of each unit, all participants will produce a 5 page-long text that will become part of the mImOsA-Dossier.
The written texts are understood as critical, interventionist and exploratory texts, at the liminals of (all im/possible) academic/poetic WrItInGs and part of the individual elaborations and workshoping.
mImOsA is understood as thinking the humanities&geisteswissenschaften beyond the digital in an earthbound and planetarian sense.


Mariam Popal