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This initiative looks at

1.) theories and philosophical reflections on art,
2.) theories that emanate from the arts, as well as,
3.) theory as art, and
4.) the ways the arts as the other of (alleged) knowledge, and
5.) arts of the other as the othered of the self are used (and abused) in different (disciplinary, local and global) con-texts.

It thereby discusses and reflects the aporetic instances and paradoxes that any ‘statement’, ‘Dasein’, (en-)act(ment), citation, and naming occupies, and tries to find out how these, nevertheless, could be read in productive, reparative rather than extinctive ways, by considering power relations within historical, political, discursive and affective contextualities.
Once per term this working group introduces a piece of writing, a film, a theoretical reflection and discusses it with an interested audience.
A link and registration possibility will be provided. This is also a possibility for BIPOC-Groups (for example Student organizations around the universities) to introduce their work.

This WorkingGroup entails two further features.
One of these is called Time Ruses and tries to open up a space-time of togetherness for open thought as a form and forum of and for experiencing time and value otherwise.
The other feature Remembering We celebrate! takes up critical thinkers from the archives of our memory and thought and brings them and their work into our minds for today’s reflections (to form our presences and our futures):

Time Ruses (Zeitkniffe zum “bloßen“ – ziellosen – Nachdenken, Allein- und Zusammensein, zur Entschleunigung) and to see where we land..(every two months)
Remembering…We Celebrate!
(Remembering and appreciation/…erinnern with a short text, notice, piece of poetry, people, authors, citation) (every 3 month).


Mariam Popal


Proposals with regard to these two features and a short bio are welcome.