Dr. Mariam Popal

Dr. Mariam Popal


Mariam Popal, PhD, initiator of the idea and group, works in the field of Comparative Literature within English, German, French, Dari, Farsi and Arabic. Her PhD on the meanings of ‘law’/’sharia’ is a work within Comparative Law as well as Black and Postcolonial Feminist Theories and was awarded summa cum laude (University of Hamburg). Currently she is working on her habilitation in Comparative Literature on the concept of ‘touching’ and ‘affective humor’ in postmodern novels at the University of Bayreuth.

Her research foci comprise furthermore: (Literary) Theory, Critical Narratology, Philosophy Literature, Postcolonial Shakespeare Studies, Film Theory and Photography Studies, InterArt Studies, De- and Postcolonial Theory, Gender & Queer Studies, Critical Race Studies, Critical Afghan Studies and Orientalism.

Selected Publications:

BeDeutungen dekolonisieren – Spuren von (antimuslimischem) Rassismus, Münster: Unrast-Verlag 2018 (Hg. zs. mit Iman Attia; mit Beiträgen u.a. von Moustafa Bayoumi, Jin Haritaworn, Markus Schmitz, Ella Shohat, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak)

Concepts on the Move – In-between Pasts, Presences, Absences – and the future. A documentary film (56 min., Bayreuth, 2018; Team: Natalie Patterer, Alice Mingqing Yuan, Zoe Dilan Smida, Oladapo Ayayi, Shirin Assa, Weeraya Donsomsakulkij, Elias Poya – Kevin Weiß & Matthias Meeh).

Photo-graphs – Moving Mo(ve)ments of Things to Come, in: K. Fink / S. Gerhard / N. Siegert (Hg.) (2017), FAVT. Future Africa Visions in Time, 2017, pp. 175–180.

Mattering Matters – (in) Photography, in: K. Fink / S. Gerhard / N. Siegert (Hg.)  FAVT. Future Africa Visions in Time, 2017, pp. 183–189.