WG Cybercolonialism

WG Cybercolonialism

Cybercolonialism, Algorithmic Justice, Digital Geopolitics/Ecoloniality (Cyberkolonialismus, Algorithmische Gerechtigkeit, digitale Geopolitik/Ökolonialität)


This working group aims at critically discussing the ongoing debates on digitalization and Artificial Intelligence from transdisciplinary perspectives. The focus will be particularly on cybercolonial structures and their intersection with the neo- and historical colonialism. Furthermore, this working group aims at engaging in the debates on algorithmic justice and critical coding practices from anti-colonial queer and feminist perspectives. In this respect the group’s members might organize events, conferences, publications with the aim of contributing to above mentioned discussions by developing an intersectional analysis of digital technology and digital media. This description should be taken as a preliminary text for generating the interests of the members of DeKolonial e.V. It might be changed and amended later by the group members after its establishment.


Pinar Tuzcu